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In the shade

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Any suggestions as to what might grow in a damp east facing very shady border ( gets very little sun) with a stone wall and privet hedge at the back of it.


There are a few very poor apple trees, inc a Russet, a honeysuckle bush, a scruffy rhodedendron, and a holly bush. It is about a metre and a half wide and about 20 metres long.


(My compost heap is there too.)


Are there any vegetables which like those conditions?


Ta muchly

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One side of my garden is north facing, so I have 100 feet of dark north facing border, about 30 feet of which is quite damp (with a compost heap!). I have a lovely cotoneaster against the fence, and a couple of hostas, some roses, primulas, forget me nots, lovely orange blossom, and lots of other bits and pieces too. I will have a look and get back to you!


Not sure that veggies would enjoy the shade, all my fruit and veg is on the south facing side of the garden :D

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I have a north east facing border. Its taken a few years, but is now finally looking very lush! There is: cherry tree (a very light, open branched, not too tall type :? ), hebes, ferns, weigela, holly, sambuccas (sp?), an australian bottle brush thing, hardy geranium, day lilies, crocosmia and jasmine. Plus 2 eglus in the dappled shade from the trees! 8)

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We've got a bottlebrush too. We got a huge one from homebase for £19.99 and its in flower at the moment and gorgeous.


Ferns like dark/damp spots and I was going to say hosta's too. You can get some lovely hosta's we have a plain one and a variagated one too.

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