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Furry Crocs!!!

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I have just had a copy of the new NEXT autumn/winter preview & they have new furry Crocs 8)

The style is called "Mammoth", they are £35, & they look gorgeous!

The holes around the bottom are filled in, & they are lined in furry stuff which is also around the top.Hard to describe, but there is no piccy on the NEXT site as yet :?


Just black with black fur & beige with cream fur here, but I bet there are more colours to come 8)

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I'm not sure that I like them - what's the point - if it's cold enough to warrent fur-lined crocs, then surely it's cold enough to warrent either georgies or wellies - your feet will still get cold, as the heel will still be hanging out. And they've no strap, so if you wore them out on a slippy day, you'd possibly end up on your backside, with your 'mammoths' slipping gently down the street without you...

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Noooooo! Uggs are so 2005!


Wash your mouth out young lady 8)

I only got my Uggs last year & I love them (so probably won't get any Mammoths!)


I remember when kickers were all the rage


I read that as you remembering when Knickers were all the rage :shock::lol:


All the trendy young things are wearing Converse All Stars these days - my girls won't wear anything else :roll:

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Ooops sorry Cinnamon - please accept my sincere apologies. What I should have said was I had my Uggs in 2005 & I've moved onto crocs now. So sorry! :oops:

Yes, you read right about kickers - I had kickers this, kickers that blah blah! Oh & before that is was Doc Martin Boots in every colour you can think of - cherry red, purple, black with sun moon & stars on 8) . I even had a pimped up pair bought from Afflecks Palace in Manchester with all colours on and dolphins painted on them. They were the love of my feet!

( er I'm 32). Gosh fashions eh?


I've seen some other types of 'in' shoes Simple shoes & veja sneakers.

They were in the croc shop in Pwhelli. You can google the shop first light clothing.


Sorry Cinnamon



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DD2 loves converses too but they do take such a long time to put on and take off. She gets fed up with this and doesn't wear themn so much any more. She LOVES her red crocs!

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I'm off to NY in August - anyone got any orders?


Seriously I don't have Crocs but am thinking about a pair for gardening in. I like them but have the wrong wardrobe and I can't dessert my Birkenstock collection. I have so many pairs of Gizeh sandals that I have a Gizeh shaped suntan on my feet!


As for Ugg boots, the name says it all for me. UGG - is short for Uggly isn't it?

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