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beach chick

she's definitely thinking about it...!

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Tara has laid us an egg every day since last Weds, so 8 altogether now.

yesterday and this morning, Paris (the other Bluebelle) has gone and sat in the nesting box for ages...

I'm sure she knows what she's supposed to do, but I cant stand the tension!! keep popping out to see if it's my first 2 egg day, and I'm meant to be working.

meanwhile, Chardonnay and Mercedes stand around looking disapproving, like teenagers watching adults dance!

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The same thing happened to me yesterday. I could see Poppy sitting on the nest and when she got off i dashed out to have a look! Empty! However about 30 mins later she went back in and this time success! In fact there were 2 eggs as Bluebelle had started laying on Sunday. Very exciting!

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The first egg is usually so tiny but it is really lovely. You almost want to keep it and not eat it (I have always overcome this feeling though!). They are so excited and want to tell the world so I am sure you will know, even before you look, when she finally manages it. Go girl go!

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