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Laura & CTB

Me - ace chicken handler!!

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Oh I'm sooooo proud of myself :lol:


Just now - Frankie ( second hand cat) wanted to go through the cat flap - but it was blocked by chooks!!


So I calmly went out picked one chook up in left hand and t'other chook up in right hand and carried them back to the run :lol::lol:


How fab is that :wink:


( apologies to anyone who does this on a regular basis - but my first time) :roll:

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Well....im impressed ! well done you :clap:


maybe because it was a "spur of the moment thing" where you had to act quickly made you do it without thinking/worrying about it.


hubby handles our girls all the time....I dont so much - so im a bit like you :)

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Well I'm very impressed... I handle any kind of animals and have even been used to cutting hamster's nails (for some reason not that many people seem to be comfortable doing that!!!)... but when it comes to the chooks, I am comfortable picking them up as long as it's one at a time... so well done!!!!

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I'm very impressed, most of ours still run away when I walk up to them.

they seem to be getting used to us a little bit, I can pick 3 out of 6 up, the others just do a funny little run to get away :D

Mine are exactly like this, half are OK, half run off unless I'm lucky enough to get a squat. I was in awe when the man picked up 2 young amber stars when we bought our first 2.

Well done you, maybe I should work on this with the easier 2 :?

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