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what happened on Monday 4 June?

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It's an idle question, but as a newcomer to the forum I have only ever seen a maximum of 20 or so users at any one time. But at the bottom of the main menu it says there were 142 members online at the same time on 4 June 2007. What was going on? :?:

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No :lol::lol: . I'd love it to have been for some extra special event but I think it was a technical glitch. They happen on various forums from time to time and unfortunately it's spoiled our annual break the record party as we'll struggle to get more than that number online at a set time now :lol: .

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LOL :lol: You did a good job of fixing my poll on here the other day.... :)


Although edditing the database probably isnt a good idea unless you know what your doing :)


Fixing the poll was easy :lol: . Letting me loose on the database would be a disaster as I haven't got a clue when it comes to things like that :lol::lol: ! One wrong click and....................... :shock: .


Kev, you have us all sussed out, don't you :lol::lol: .

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