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SIlver laced wyandottes

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thanks people

I have discovered out of my 12 sl wyandotte eggs that 6 are actually bantams though the egg sizes are all the same. Depending on what happens over the next couple of months I might have some bantams that need reghoming (free) I'll see if they grow up together they may be ok even with the size differences. Sad thing is I wont have a home for any male bantams which I did have lined up for the large fowl so even if they do get on ok Ill still have to rehome the males.

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Ok I'll bear you in mind :D

Luckily theyre such a pretty breed I'm sure I'll be able to be able to find homes. Bit annoyed because of the males though (the end may not be so pretty)

I'm sorry about Ruby though. shes th eone who started me on my slw mission because after seeing pics of her I went' I want that one!'

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