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Impatient driver.

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Fantastic! When I grow up I'm want to be known as the strange batty old lady with the cats and chickens, I'm going to grumble my way round Sainsburys and take ages at the till, I'll stop for no apparent reason as I'm shuffling along the road, in fact I'll be a cross between the granny in Catherine Tate (!) and the old lady with the strange food combinations in the Vicar of Dibley! :lol:


Actually, I'm not far off that now :shock:

Mrs Bertie

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I liked it... but couldn't help feeling it was staged. £250 for You've Been Framed" for the sender? :D

(Was it staged... like it was staged & people are meant to know it was staged, even though it iS funny... or was it not staged & I am reading nore into it than there is?)

Answers on a postcard, please

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