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Harry Potter - an exciting couple of weeks!

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I got mine at midnight in Asda I got a copy for a girl at work too I had visitors yesterday so i haven't finished I am 3/4 of the way ther I will have to stay out of the spoilers thread as I so don't want to be disappointed by finding out anything before I finish so I will see you in the spoilers thread tomorrow :wink::lol:


I got to the shop about 23.45 and there was a fair queue already but when i left about 0.10 the car park was filling up :shock:


The Tesco over the road was busy too I was amazed at how many people there were doing shopping not there specifically for the book :shock::?


People must be crazy doing shopping that time of night! But it's possible that they did it so they could get the book for £5 if they spent £50 in store!


Hope you have enjoyed/enjoying the book!



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You didn't need to spend £50 in Asda they let you have two copies per person in Tesco you had to pay £10 or get it for £5 if you spent £50 but only one copy :?


I could still have got mine on Saturday when I did the weekly shop with mum I have to go to Tesco as the other shops aren't big enough for the wheelchair and a trolley on the front :evil: If the aisle is too narrow you just get in everyones way :roll: But I promised a girl at work a copy as well so I went at midnight I had just got home from a party anyway so I was up and about and as I was driving no alcohol :lol:

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I never shop in Asda, but walked in, grabbed my copy, paid and walked out. I wonder if they were hoping to get a lot more customers by selling it so cheap? Surely they can't be making much profit out of it - a hard nosed marketing ploy by walmart to take custom away from the smaller outlets (and I succombed! :oops: )

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Me too Snowy but it is no different than what they are doing to the greengrocer, butcher, baker etc :?


They will certainly have lost money on it but all I bought was the books I looked at a couple of DVD's while waiting in the queue though :lol:


I don't normally go to Tesco but the big one is the only one I can take mum to and it is important for her to get out and feel useful etc so I am adamant she will do the weekly shop with me at the moment :lol:

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There were some Death eater morris dancers accompanied by a drum outside Sheffield Waterstones. Apparently I knew 3 of them. I'm not sure if I should be :oops: or :D

They just did it for fun, but got to buy books at 12.01 as Waterstones liked it.


:? Apparently lots of people: adult/child went in Harry Potter costumes.


OH has only a 1/3 of the book to go.before I can start reading.....and he struggled off to work after staying up to 1.30 last night reading it :roll:

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