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Mel (& Paul)

Ummmm............Has anyone seen my

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Well :roll:

I know we said we wouldnt get any more chooks this year, :oops:

but we were at a loss what to do with Nigella aka The Lone Ranger - every time we put her in with her old mates they tried to kill her. :shock:

So we thougth if she had new mates then when the new ones were eventually introduced to the old ones then a. she would have built up strength, b. she wouldnt be the only one subject to bullying and........ well, it seemed like a good idea :idea:

So we have four new girls - 2 Bovans Neras and 2 Copper Marans - 19 weeks old and settling down in a temporary pen with Nigella whilst Paul builds a pen to go in the big pen so they can all get used to each other.

I know :oops:

But it was (& Paul)'s idea and being a good wife I always go with his wishes :wink:

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Umm........photos - you obviously dont know me and my total technical ineptitude!!!


The Gaellic names are in memory of Paul's mum who had a soft spot for our chooks - we did think about naming one after her (Philomena) but decided not to in the end :D

It was a toss up between Gaellic names (my suggestion) and Cricketing Heros (& Pauls) :roll:

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You'll soon be giving Lesley a run for her money Mel :wink:


Love the names! What a fab hubby &Paul is to come up with such a brilliant idea for Nigella! How cold you possibly let him (& her) down and he's doing a bit of handy DIY too. I'm :mrgreen: It's taken me 6 months to get Darren to think about painting the hall, stairs and landing. Another 6 to actually do it... :roll::wink:


I keep mentioning more hens while he's asleep. Eventually he'll come up with the idea himself. :wink:

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How are they settling in Mel?


After asking for perhaps another chicken a few times before Henrietta was put down, I might be getting 2 chicks in September-as replacements for Henrietta. If not chicks then we're getting at least one Lohman Brown. If I have my way we'll be getting a Lohman Brown chick and a Skyline one too!

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Well the new girls free ranged with the others for the first time this afternoon. :shock: We now have four rather bedraggled new chooks :shock:

hey ho



Nigella is very poorly today so we arent holding up much hope - she's all puffed up and not interested in corn / meal worms etc.



No point in asking me or (& Paul) to do photos - he's even more of a technonumpty than I am!


I am going to stay with Em The Herd on Wednesday - she's clever - I might ask her!!!



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