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L Marques

How can i tell if my pekin bantams are male or female

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It depends how old they are but the males should have bigger combs than the girls. If you post some pics on here people should be able to tell you or give you an idea on what you have :)

Thank you so much for reply .I am new at this chicken thing and dont quiet know how this forum works either but its realy nice to have got a reply from you

THANK YOU from Laura

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Pekins are one of the easy breeds to sex i can roughly tell by 3 weeks but deffo by 6/8 and out of all the pekins i have sold this year i havent made a mistake yet touch wood leanne :)



So how do you do it then i need help here,couse my husband said if its a boy is gonna ake a curry ( joke ) there would e a divorve first...

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On 4/11/2021 at 3:31 PM, Clairebe said:

I have 6 2 week old pekin bantams. What's the best way to tell which are boys?

2 weeks is way to early to say anything for certain. You will need to wait at least another few weeks to make any guesses.

But first things to look at are comb size and stance. Boy will develop combs more quickly and often have a more upright walk/stance.

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New here to Pekins, Mine 2 are 6 weeks old, and have not made any sounds aside from the chirps.  When I got them they looked exactly alike, walked exactly alike, but one had thicker legs.  As it has grown, eating the same diet they both look different.  Almost like genetic defects.  Love it just the same (if not more because it will come right to me, and even sits on my lap).  Aside from that, I would really like to know what they are (drake vs hen).  I know the ration is 3:1, and I have what I believe could be 2 hens of another kind.  Could anyone tell me what this comb is that comes in early or is there a chart that is used to show the stance or describe the difference (aside from the tail feather)?  The one hen I have has been very vocal for 1 week now and is a week younger.  She is the ONLY one I know for certain is a hen because she has to tell you all about everything.  Everyone else is super quiet.

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I have 4 Peking bantam chicks they are about 3/4 months old. Two I know are definitely female but the other two I’m not sure. If anyone can help, it would be really appreciated. (Can’t seem to upload any photos, but could send them privately on email)

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On 1/19/2022 at 1:46 PM, Lia said:

I thought skittles was a rooster, but I think I’ll wait and see untill they are bigger. 🌻 

I live on a farm in South Africa🌿 

Skittles may well be a rooster - like I said though, I have no skills on sexing at all.

I have only bought Pekins at 5-6 weeks old which have been sexed for me.

Luckily the lady I get them from will take back any males but I haven't had any to return.

Your farm looks amazing - I'm not sure we've had anyone from South Africa before - so a big welcome from me x

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