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Competitions to win an eglu...

How did you get hold of your eglu?  

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  1. 1. How did you get hold of your eglu?

    • Won it
    • Bought Brand new
    • Bought 2nd hand
    • Was given it

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Bought mine in June 2004 but have put in a request for a reconditioned second hand blue one (*fingers crossed*) so that we can have another hen. Can't have 2 Eglus in the garden here unfortunately - that would mean I could have 7 hens (heavenly) but if I do get a second hand one, the old one will go into storage until we move to somewhere with a bigger garden. Can't afford to buy another if we move so I'm going to keep it. I did offer it to my brother but he's declined the offer saying he's not into chickens :( . What's wrong with him???

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I started off with a wooden chicken house, but it leaked and was poorly made. I quickly moved onto a second-hand eglu. The eglu is pricey, but it's a triumph of design and practicality. I am kicking myself for not getting an eglu in the first place - I should have just stretched to it.


The bottom line is - if you are thinking of getting a small chicken house for two to three chickens - just pay the money for an eglu (somehow!) - you can't go wrong.

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