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New here!

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Hello! I'm new here, and I've just ordered an Eglu and a Guineau (a rabbit Eglu really, but it's for my two guinea pigs). I already have a couple of hens (rescued battery hens), who live at present in a wooden ark. This is heavy, hard to clean, and gets infested every summer with mites (yuck). The plastic Eglu, I think, will be much easier to keep clean and move around. Yippee! My guineas also live in a wooden house and run, which again is awkward to clean and heavy to move around, so I'm eager for my Eglus!

I've kept hens all my life, because they are such wonderful little critters and they make me smile so much! I let them free range as much as possible, because when they can eat plenty of greens it makes the eggs so much more orange and tasty!!

I'm eager for my Eglus to arrive, and just wanted to say Hi to everyone here.

Henrietta x :wink:

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Hello and welcome Henrietta! Exciting news about the ex-battery dears! Good luck with them and congratulations on the forthcoming Eglu!


Don't forget to pop into the Nesting Box for a natter on all things (especially pants and chocolate :shock: ) and there's a questionnaire in the Welcome section too!!

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How lovely to have so many 'hello's!

I've got a green Eglu on order, and a pink Guineau - I think they will look fantastic, and I've told the Duchess and her Lady In Waiting (my two hens) that they have a new home on order. They are literally clucking with excitement!

Ethel and Cedric, the Guinea Pigs, have said very little about their new pink home,but I know they'll be thrilled when it gets here... :)

Anyway, I'm going to go and visit the nesting box to talk about chocolate :D

Nice to meet all you happy hens!!!

Henrietta xxxx

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Hi there henrietta.



youll love keeping chickens, best thing i ever did.


ive only had mine 4 weeks i love em so much im sure you will too. everyones so nice here on the forum and youll learn so much in such a small amount of time readig the threads. good luck and dont forget to post pics when they come.

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Did you get your ex-battery girls from Jane Howarth?


Do you mean the lady in Devon who rescues battery hens? Well, no I didn't get them from her, but she does a wonderful job and when I want more hens I will get them from her next time. I have always 'rescued' my hens; I go and ask the owner of a battery farm if I can buy them directly from him, and they usually say yes. The conditions in battery farms are unimagineable. I feel very happy to bring home a couple of bald hens and give them their freedom! To begin with, they are frightened to go outisde and they don't know how to peck around for food, plus they are usually bald and their wattles and combs are pale pink, because they've had no sunshine. They lay their eggs any old where, and the yolks are horrible and pale yellow.

They very quickly learn to scratch around the ground, and usually moult within a few weeks, then they get a whole new coat of feathers, and you wouldn't know them as the same birds! I get enormous pleasure from watching them - they have such enthusiasm for life! Every morning they rush out to see what the day is going to hold for them, and when I go down to feed them s"Ooops, word censored!"s they get under my feet in their busy way saying 'What? What?'....

I think anyone who doesn't keep hens is missing out in a big way and I can't WAIT for their new Eglu to arrive!!


Henrietta xxx

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