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Mrs Blue Sky

Peach and Plum Blue Sky!

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I got my hens today! They are lovely! Peach is the ginger one and Plum is the brunette. They loved their bunch of spinach tied up (is spinach OK?) and their pellets and their scratch around, and then they put themselves to bed! A bit later than I thought they would but they worked it out in the end - toddled off around 6. Muttloaf the dog thinks they are his new toy, but I will lead him in the path of righteousness. And my green eglu is gorgeous.



I can now be a proper member instead of a wannabee!

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What enchanting names. Welcome to the club. Mine arrived this morning so I will be watching your progress and comparing notes.


You can't describe the instant love you feel for them can you. My OH thinks it is so funny, but despite taking the mickey he is already taking an interest and being very supportive.


I think that I must make a bit more of a fuss of him, he has a bit of competition now!


I haven't had time to sort out all the photos on here yet, but have got them on my blog - see my www below.


It is a great way of spreading the word. I have already have lots of people express a serious interest.

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Conragtulations Mrs BS and Kooringa :D:D


My OH made it clear he wasn't going to play an active role in the care of the hens when I got them but he has actually been increasingly interested in them - especially since last week when Edna started laying and he found his first egg! - he was like a little school boy grinning from ear to ear! :wink::roll:


Look forward to seeing piccies etc :D

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congrats mrs blue sky. hope your have many hors of fun with you new girls dont forget to post pics, and before any one else mentions it... don't forget to fill in the questionnaire in the welcome part of the forum .


we are all nosey in here.but if you need any advise here is the place to get it. everyone is really friendly and no problem is to small or too smelly. just ask :shock:

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Thanks everyone, you are all so lovely! Congratulations to Koringa, what have you named them? My two seem really happy, scratching around and sorting about who's boss - favourite treat so far has been raisins and cucumber! But we are having spaghetti tomorrow so I will save them some and tell them it's worms. Yummy!

I'm looking forward to the weekend when I will start to handle them - and cleaning out the eglu for the first time...

My neighbours think I have completely lost the plot as I sit in the open doorway with my hands out going "chook chook chook". They will probably call an ambulance for me when they see my First Egg dance :oops::shock:

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