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Aftermath Of The Alcester Flood

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Yeah, I forgot to put about that!


I walked through the high street as well as passed various homes and theirs carpets being thrown out and all sorts.


One man was on the phone saying it had been the worst weekend of his life! It was actually quite upsetting to listen to!


Alot of businesses have been wrecked; there were boxes piled outside of them because they'd been destroyed by the flood.

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We are still having problems here in Oxfordshire.

I just went out for a drive (& a nose!) & saw some really devastating flooding. The Thames has burst its banks just a mile or so from my village, although we are in no danger as we are very high up.

I think evaquations are about to start for some.............


And its still raining too :roll::roll::roll:

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Checked out the news this morning and it all seems so bizarre. Yes, we have had alot of rain in Essex but my garden isn't even waterlogged and I am still having to water my plants in pots/baskets.


Considering the severity of the damage around the country, its seems unreal.


My heart goes out to any of you that are caught in the midst of this.

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