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Barbara. You are BRILLIANT.

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There have been a couple of mail strikes over the last few days which might have affected deliveries. We didn't get any post at all on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which was unusual as it was my son's birthday on Friday and he didn't get any cards until Saturday so things may be backed up at the depot Tracey. Give them a few more days before you worry too much.

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Well they sent out another one which arrived today. i had been having trouble with my mobile and managed to get hold of my voicemails today. turns out Omlet had rung me twice, first time a ladies voice, didnt catch the name, the second time was James, ....... :D coorrrrrrr what a lovely voice he has got... :oops::oops::oops:


Such a shame i missed him........ :roll:


Thankyou again Omlet......... xxx

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