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Who's started Wrapping!!

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Cards are in my bag ready for the post office tonight and after mum let it slip they had bought me a present :evil: I have parcels under the tree for my parents :?


Why do they insist :roll:


On the subject of men and christmas shopping I once when I was about 12 stupidly asjed my dad what he had got me and his answer............................................


I dunno ask your mother :lol:

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However, I'm trying to raise a new generation of card remembering/gift wrapping males. :P


I've tried Sheila, I've really tried. My son lives in the separate 'Granny Annexe' of my daughter's house. He buys presents but never any wrapping paper so he goes to use hers and then he adds his name to her Christmas cards :roll:


I'm getting there - slowly.............and his girlfriend is living with him now so perhaps this year it will be different :roll: - another woman to do the job :wink:

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Well at the cox's it all go, cards all posted, almost :roll: and the present wrapping pile has diminished so a bit more to do next week and then I can sit down and play on the forum, enjoy long walks and enjoy the festivities and the ridiculous piles of food and drink we all buy :lol:


I speak to last clients on wednesday and then have 2 weeks off 8):D


Parents coming to us so can spring clean on friday :shock::wink:


Hope you're all getting in the mood as just 12 sleeps to christmas! :lol::wink:


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All my cards are posted too, and the parcels of presents for family are currently in the boot of my car- I plan to get them in the post today :D

I usually go very late and very restrained with Christmas decs, but after daughters bedroom decorating frenzy I got her a little tree at weekend, and she decorated it yesterday- very, very out of character for my household, but she did it all, and I felt guilty about inflicting my restraint on a naturally very exuberant child :roll: . So I'm almost ready too :shock:

I've also got next week off work- heaven, so I'll be so organised this year that I can hardly believe it myself :roll:

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:shock: Somebody help me! :roll::roll:

But you've inspired me Buffie, I'll start getting excited today.

Then organised. :shock:


Two gifts wrapped...er, they are presents for pass the parcel for Esther's bday party at w/e!


At badminton this morning (go every week, however busy, then I know what day of the week we're on!) I took in the Card & gift. It was a toilet from Oxfam Unwrapped, from us all to us all, in lieu of Christas cards.

(In loo of cards, get it!) :P


Better start the rest now! Help!

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Nearly done the wrapping! Me and OH covered the kitchen table last night with paper, raffia string (posh or what - but only cos I don't like using sellotape), assorted gifts & things, and have done it all apart from the childrens' stocking things! He wrapped, I did the pointing and the tags as his handwriting isn't fit for public viewing. I've had to raise my game a bit this year after last year's debacle where the MIL took offence at her gift (didn't cost nearly enough :shock::roll: ) and it had made me feel a bit sour, but now in the spirit of things again. AND no MIL this year for Christmas, not if she can't play nicely. So that's good. Only 6 adults & 3 kids this year. But I haven't done the cards yet, in fact that is a struggle every year, apart from last time when I sent an Oxfam goat, but that just annoyed the in laws so I'm scared to repeat it.


Children 1 and 2 have announced that they each need loads of tiny cards to give to schoolfriends so I'd better brace myself and get on.

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We've got my mother in law a flock of chickens (should it be vultures??!!) I dont care if she thinks its wrong. I am NOT spending money on her when all she does is complain about the gift and often gives it on to someone else. So she can like her chickens or lump them.!

(we have also bought calves for our neices who are so money grabbing it hurts :wink: )

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Like it. I hate the greed and have this year told my brother and sister in law that we don't want a gift and we are not buying for them but giving to charity. I feel good and they will give soemthing back if it's the last thing I do! We donated to children in need and age concern. :D


Glad you're all getting excited, Kate A don't be hard on yourself it's just great you feel all festive and can have a restful week!



Mel I wouldn't bother again if that's their attitude! :evil:


Off to visit my parents and stay over with daisie 8) , wanted to have a bit of festive cheer with them and mikey will have a chance to miss me :shock::wink:


Have a nice day guys and don't talk about me while i'm away :wink:



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All the talk of having wrapped presents and written cards is making me feel very inadequate :oops:


Note to self - must try harder!!


The 'to do' list for the next few days is looking like a toilet roll it's so long, Oh well get a move on girl, have helped the children make their cards only ours to do now :shock:


pressie wrapping is something I like to do in the evening with a glass of something when the children are in bed. Tonight perhaps then I can tick that box!!


Karen x

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Like it. I hate the greed and have this year told my brother and sister in law that we don't want a gift and we are not buying for them but giving to charity. I feel good and they will give soemthing back if it's the last thing I do! We donated to children in need and age concern. :D BBX

I know exactly what you mean Buffie, have sponsored a battery hen for my mother, who insists on buying battery eggs, and have sent sheep to Sfrica for my neice and nephew, who have far too much of everything!


I still have no oven; there's a vicious rumour that the part will be in by the end of the week, then just have to get gas chappie mobilised to fit it before Christmas. He knows that if I don't have a cooker for Christmas then the 'Wrath of Clare' will descend on him and his todger will dry up and drop off - nuf said!


My darling sis (who never bothers to talk to me) has called to say that they have a brand new Mercedes 4X4 and a new 'wall-filling' plasma TV. Am I impressed? I think not! Told her I would be more impressed if she thought more about others at this time of year - felt very righteous and just slightly despairing of most of humanity :twisted:


Am I turning into Victor Meldrew?

RANT over - thank you for tuning in!

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Sorry, Clare, but your sister sounds delightful - NOT :shock: I've got a real thing about 4x4's- OK on a farm or somewhere remote, but a Merc 4x4- they're going to be getting that dirty then :roll: . Plasma TV- why??? YAWN :roll:

Great pressie ideas though- most of my family have got an acre of the rainforest, except little sis who is getting a wormery. I've bowed to convention too and got Mum a sweater, but her slightly pompous and very well to do boyfriend has got slippers- for an old person via the good gifts site. If only I could see his face when he opens them :oops::oops:

Children have got conventional pressies too, although Imy has asked for her own ex-battery hen- I might see if I can do that for her in the spring :)

Good luck with the cooker- I hope it's all fitted and working VERY soon :):)

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