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Who's started Wrapping!!

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I can vouch for the red bits. Make you really scatty they do :wink:


Well, they hide the grey you see. I haven't seen my real hair colour for years, just about a centimetre of it before I go to the hairdressers :roll: It's a losing battle I can tell you. My mother says that I should go old gracefully, but despite that fact that I'm 43 next birthday, I don't feel grown up enough to be grey - I'm still having way too much fun!

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Found it! Phewww suddenly remembered it could have fallen behind the bed side table and there it was. Looks really nice!! :D


Just had darker slices put through my hair with blonde. I have a million reasons why I'm a disaster area, anyone have to keep running up and down stairs trying to remember what you went up for!! :oops::oops:




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What are you on about?


I've wrapped up all of the presents and even made a christmas wreath, I've just got two cards to make and send. I'm getting all christmas-ey now, and I only have 6 and a half days left at school and my 2 sisters and brother will be back soon!


Just a hint unless you're a stick insect no one can get away with balck spandex!

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Any presents we have bought have been in two plastic crates for about 6 weeks now - but then I do love the last minute rush to get it all done :roll::roll:


I notice that no man has come on here to say he has bought or wrapped his Christmas presents, meaning those presents offered as joint/ family gifts. Why is it a woman's job? - er...do I need to ask that?

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:lol::lol: Aha, good observation, Lesley. :wink:

When I occasionally have this line of conversation with LSH, especially when it's someone close such as his sister, or, er...his children...he maintains that he would do, but he doesn't need to;

because I always do it.

Good point :? ..but what if I wasn't here? (hypothetical, we hope)..well, I'd remember then, of course, he says.

So, is it yet another chicken/egg problem? Do the alpha females just take over, not giving OH a look in? Yes, I think so. :wink:

However, I'm trying to raise a new generation of card remembering/gift wrapping males. :P

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I finished writing cards on Friday. Yippee! And I posted the ones for abroad!


Today I'm starting to wrap. Got to get it done because I'm going out shopping tomorrow and need to know what I've still got left to buy :!::?


School finishes on Friday, so it feels like the race is now on! Good luck everybody :D

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