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Quick advice: first night nerves!

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Hello! We brought our 2 lovely new girls home earlier and put them in the Eglu (rather than the run) on advice that it would quickly help them establish that is where they sleep/lay.


However, now they can't access any water - will they be OK until morning??



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if it were me, I would let the girls out into the run (with the run door securely locked), the girls will put themselves to bed, if not then try a torchlight to guide them! Usual roosting time for mine is sometime between 9-9.45. as it has been a warm day today your girls will more than likely need a drink. I kept our girls confined to the run for the first 4/5 nights, then let them free range a bit, & they put themselves to bed always with no fuss (no requests for just one more story, or another glass of milk etc)

Now when my girls have gone to bed I lock the run door but keep the eglu door open so that they can get up when they want to, but having said all that I was a nervous wreck for my first few nights, too!

Grapes are a great bribe for getting chooks to go back into the run :D

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I find it so exciting to get the eggs, we had just over a week's wait and had 2 yesterday - the girls lay around lunchtime and they keep going into the eglu (I'm spying on them through the kitchen window!!) for extended periods!! I've been out to check twice but nothing yet so I'm going to leave them be for a while!!

I've had some of our eggs but the OH still wont try them! I think it was because the 1st few were laid in the run so had a bit of mud/grass stuck to them which I did wash off, and yesterday he looked at the 2 eggs and said they looked more 'normal' so he might consider eating them this evening!! I can't believe he's being such a baby about it, don't know where he thinks shop-bought eggs come from....

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We can't persuade our younger son to eat the eggs - although he has conceded to trying them in an omlette. Think it's something about the texture of egg white!


Our girls fought over the nesting section of the Eglu this morning - at one point both sitting in it :D

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