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Escapee Snake!!!

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:roll: Ok I only have myself to blame, I go on a weeks holiday to loverly sunny Kalamata and come back to a very upset farm-sitter telling me one of my sons' snakes has done a bunk!! All horses dogs chooks etc fine but the lowest-maintenance creature on the place causes the problem. Now what? Normally we catch him straight away but he's been missing since Thursday, we have turned on the central heating and left a brained mouse :vom: on the living room floor (sorry)....any other ideas?
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Can i laugh? :anxious:





I know i shouldnt! :oops:






What the heck! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:





Oh my life its always active down at your place isnt it? :shock:


Do you think the snake is still in the house? :?

How big is it? Obviously the bigger the better in this case as at least it can be spotted :D

Will it just come out of its own accord? :?

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one of our two corn snake escaped a few days ago but we cant find him so we cut a coca cola bottle top off, and took the lid off . so we made a bottle trap and put a pinky in. but sadly he hasnt turned up yet. :( i would advise looking at live food uk on the forum as people on there have solutions. i hope you find your snake :pray:

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