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FAO Kate, and the not so feint hearted

which would you rather use??  

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  1. 1. which would you rather use??

    • the western style
    • the traditional japanese style

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here is the full size photo of the toilet avatar. :D:D:D:D


this is the full size photo of a japanese toilet (a western style), in our kyoto hotel.




this is a traditional japanese toilet, taken in a tokyo shrine



what can i say? :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

Edit: Taken the size of the picture down a little - Gina

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You lucky thing,visiting Japan.


It is on our hit list of places to go once the girls have left home & the mortgaga paid.


Not being a fan of wet toes, I will have to go with the traditional style.

I read somewhere about Japanese toilets that have all these k"Ooops, word censored!"s & gadgets on them....seat warmers,soft music etc :shock:

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Gina - you couldn't just be a 'good shot' unless you took most of your clothes off :shock: It's the holding of clothes out of the way and squatting that's impossible if your knees and/or hips don't work. :?:lol:


Tip - in France look for the disabled toilet - they usually have a western style toilet :D

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I have to say that having been to Nepal / Africa / Thailand / Egypt etc., the loos can be pretty dire - but at least you dont have to have the worry of sitting on a germy seat (and I have heard that the squatting method is much better for you as it empties your bladder and prevents, uh-hum, problems in later life.) dont ask me how I know this, probably some useless thing I read on the internet :roll:

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Mind you, I wouldnt worry. They probably wouldnt recognise you again!!

Whe I was in Nepal I went to one of the high tech loos (shed around a hole in the ground). There were no locks so I posted Paul as guard. He wondered off :roll: and I was surprised by a Nepalese chap. I was SO embarrassed and Paul said, dont worry, we wont see him again. I saw that chap about 3 times that day :oops::oops: He was always very polite and charming. :oops::oops: I think that may be a good ground for divorce :roll:

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