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Where have the eggs gone?

Where are the eggs?  

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  1. 1. Where are the eggs?

    • They've nearly all stopped laying for the winter.
    • They've nearly all stopped laying for a couple of weeks
    • I'll find a nest somewhere accessible
    • I'll find a nest somewhere inaccessible

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Well, I'm stumped! A couple of weeks ago, my egg numbers dropped. Pauline hasn't started laying, Biscuit was moulting, but I was getting barely 1 or 2 a day, and wondering why only one, not five.

Then, last week, I found a new garden nest (they've had a couple before) with...15 eggs in it!

Now only Penny appears to be laying in nest box & the garden nests are all empty. We've searched the garden.

Chuckles is definitely moulting too but where are the others, including young whitestar?

They are all healthy & active, with no parasites.

I'll tell you when I find the answer, meanwhile, have a guess!

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Either it's a nest in a daft place or they are going off lay a bit for the winter :roll:


So far Sadie is the only one fo mine laying (I think) and she reliably lays in the nest box - likes it warm and dry, bless her. The other two aren't laying yet for various reasons - I occasionally have a look round the garden for rogue nests, but haven't found any yet.

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Yes, it's just a bit funny that before I thought that they were all stopping, then had the lovely full nest, so now I don't know which it is! Thanks for joining in everyone, just thought I'd share my crawling under shrubs & hedges with you. Every time I go out now, I have bits of twig in my hair :roll:

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:lol: Well, only one again today. I've been watching them in the garden and still can't spot anything going on. We've both crawled everywhere with torches. Except places I haven't thought of yet (you're right Lesley).

I might try a day soon leaving them in hen garden all day so the only place is the nestbox. However, sometimes when I've done that some of them stop laying because of the change in routine, I think.

Outwitted by my chickens. :wink:

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Sybil is continuing to lay an egg nearly every day - bless her :D


Pollo however has chosen to divert her energies into growing lots of beautiful new feathers in a fetching shade of blue/grey and has not laid for 4 days now :evil: I have spoken to her most severely but will be surprised if she doesn't come back into lay soon. Last year she didn't moult and carried on laying all winter.

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Hello Auntie Sheila - One of ours stopped laying recently and they didn't seem to be mouting but today OH found 2 eggs in the nesting box but now we can't remember if either of us collected an egg yesterday or not! Hopefully we'll get another 2 tomorrow and the riddle will be solved. Good luck in finding your eggs - I actually had to go out and buy some eggs last week which felt most bizarre!

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I'm finding it hard to keep track of who lays what.


Somedays, when I let them out in the morning, there's an egg in the nest.

Other days non at all.

Somedays I'm home too late to check the nest box, and the next morning if there is an egg (or eggs) I never know if it's been freshly laid that morning, or if it's been there since the day before and they were in bed before I could get to it. :roll::?


There's no consistency, so I give up :)

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Just like Gina, I'm finding no consistency at the moment. After we lost lovely Misty to a fox about a month ago :( , Petunia wouldn't lay in the nest box at all and I had to search for her eggs all round the garden (luckily I knew a few favorite places for her). But now she lays in the nest box again, though not every day. One of our new chickens Misty II or Jenny might have started laying, as I found 2 eggs yesterday! But like becks I'm not completely sure I checked the day before. On Sunday night there were no eggs in the house, for the first time since July - I felt quite insecure! But have not had to buy any yet :)


I think they have made a nice nest where you haven't looked yet, Sheila :lol:

I once found 4 eggs under a shrub, but 15 - that's amazing!

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:? Thanks for all the replies. Have absolutely searched high & low...well, mostly low.

I think I must have 1 laying & 4 moulting & one who hasn't started.

But I won't give up the detective work yet.

It feels odd to adjust to maybe half a dozen eggs a week when I could be getting about 40.

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:lol::lol: A nearby friend asked if she could have a regular supply of eggs when we increased our brood as she liked the idea of having chickens in theory, but didn't want any in practice. So I play chickenkeeper & she has fresh eggs. But I'm going to have to stop or now :oops::oops: , and 6 won't be enough for our family. So, rations, but as you say Buffieeiie :wink: , all the more precious.

Also, LSH can't imagine why we need 6 chickens if we only get 6 eggs. :shock:

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The chickens are wonderful, the eggs are just a pretty amazing bonus, but I'd have them as pets even if they never laid any eggs. Actually come to think of it I've got Phil, never laid an egg in her life, I still love her, and couln't part with her despite no eggs.

That said missing eggs must be pretty frustrating when you've got used to a regular supply of fresh eggs. Still no sign of a hidden nest then Sheila?

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