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Ca'nt wait to get my Eglu & chucks!!

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Can anyone advise me as to how it all happens once you've placed your order on-line(which I did yesterday).When do Omlet call you & how long do you then have to wait to get your chucks.I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas Day to come,sooooooooo excited(terrible for a 36 yr old mother of 2,is'nt it?)Thanks!! :D

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They should call you this week, but you could always call Omlet to see if they've got your order ok :wink:

It all depends which house you've ordered for delivery dates the small eglu only takes a week or two but the cube has a waiting list of about 6 or 7 weeks I think.

Either way they're worth waiting for.....chooks are great! :D

What are getting and how many chooks???

We need to know all the details! :D

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Hi there :-) I got a call to arrange the delivery date the day after I had placed the order for a (green eglu) and 2 chooks GNR & PP.

I was told we would get another call the day before the delivery date to give us a time slot for the big arrival.


We had to wait about 3 weeks (3 looooooong weeks!!) I was (and still am!) checking this forum lots to get as much information to be ready for the girlies.


Sure enough the day before 'C-Day' I got the call to say the girlies would be arriving between 1pm and 2pm - and that we should allow an hour each side of that.

Also we found out that there was a shortage of Pepperpots so we would be getting two GNR s instead - but I didn't care was just happy to have the chooks!!! And they have been brilliant so far. I've been suprised by just how much personality they have and just how easy they are to look after (so far.......) !


Hope you don't have to wait too long!!!! :-D

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Just phoned them up,it's not going to be until 11 Sept.Oh No,how am I going to cope!!!Was hoping to get them before I went back to work after 6 months maternity leave,so I could spend some time with them.Only work part-time so thats not going to be too much of a problem,its just the waiting thats hard!!

Will be marking the days off on my calendar!!

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I know its hard Bexter, but well worth the wait!!


Spend your time reading the forum, thinking of chickens, buying chicken related stuff, talking about chickens, dreaming about chickens, buying chicken related stuff, seeing chickens in everything you do (you will, you know) oh and buying chicken related stuff.


Most of us on here have no henorabilia whatsoever! :liar::liar::liar:

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Ca'nt believe it got a phone call today from Jan at Omlet,to say they had a cancellation & they could deliver on Thursday,I think she must have thought I was a total fruit-loop,as I was so egg-cited on the phone.Whoopee!!! :D:D:D:D:D


Marvellous news.


They are used to reactions like your...don't worry.!


Just two more bed times!! :lol:

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I put straw in the nest box & a sprinkling of red mite powder. I buy all this from HJ Lea's Mill on the bridge at Wheelock. I line the pull out poo tray with newspaper & in the run, I use some stuff called ' Easy bed'. I also buy this from the place at Wheelock. It's like woodchips & about £6 a bag / bale. It does me 4 run changes...I do a total change of stuff in the run about once every four weeks. I throw a fresh bucket of the stuff in if it looks a bit bare. I get my layers pellets & oyster shell (grit) from there too. They sell rather useful food scoops too for 99p - hung up with the dog leads. It's a great place.

I also had a skirt thing round my eglu run - made by hubby, to stop them flinging the easy bed stuff everywhere outside of the run. :roll: But now they are in the cube it's a lot better. The newbies are in the eglu for a few weeks more - then they will all live together in the cube & I will get some bantams to live in the eglu.


You will love them, when you get them!

P.S Tins of sweetcorn are very handy for charming your chooks & getting them friendly.



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I think it is, it's getting bigger, but not quite as big as the one in Wheelock I don't think, mind you it's ages since I went to the Wheelock one :oops:


The people on the desk never seem bothered when I ask stupid questions either, and they stock Allen and Paige, easy-bed, auboise seeds compost and some times bedding plants and pots :D


If you fancy a trip, perhaps we could meet for a coffee in the coffee shop?


karen x

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