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New home for the girls.

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Well, we've succumbed to a permanent site for our girls after only 10 days!


The Eglu looked lovely on the grass, but we found we were moving it every two days, then hosing down the grass and I just won't be able to keep that up once I return to work in September, so yesterday we went shopping for Hemcore, bark and edging and hey presto - a lovely new home.


I was so pleased with it that I spent about 2 hours very late last night trying to create our first album. It took ages to upload, so finally I went to bed (12.45) only to find this morning that it hadn't worked.


OH showed me a quicker way of doing it this morning and I've done it (only trouble is ironing still hasn't got done and I've been up for over 2 hours!).


Next challenge is whether I have done the link thing right in my signature - oh well, here goes!

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Re the tray under the grub bowls - I had bought it (a cat litter tray) as I had read that they like a dustbath. Put some play sand in it and they just ignored it.


After about a week, I just thought it was taking up room in their run and so put it ouside, where it promptly filled up with rain.


I've since realised that they find their own dustbath places when they get the chance to free-range.


However, once we made the permanent run I had read that people were putting trays under the grub bowls to catch dropped food, because when it gets wet and starts to rot it can smell.


I've also put the grit bowl in there, because they keep tipping it up, which wasn't so much of a problem on the grass, but I wasn't sure if they would be able to find spilt grit and food in amongst the hemcore.


We'll see how it works. They certainly seem to be able to still reach the food ok.

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FANTASTIC!! love it !!! :D:D


I really really like the orange eglu and cubes now.....to me it has taken over my love of purple!! :lol:


Your garden is lovely. You permanent set up is quite similar to ours, we have hemcore in the run and bark chips around the perimeter of one side of the run and stone chippings the other side and around the back (for us to walk on)

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Thanks everyone - I just love this forum.


It's like having a whole new group of friends - all with the same interest.


I don't think my close friends (who I love to bits) are quite into the world of chooks. They think they're cute, but that's where it stops.


We have some other friends who were VERY interested when we showed them the website and got quite excited about the idea of owning chickens and they haven't even met our beautiful girls yet, so there is hope there.

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Just looked at your website Sarah - isn't Violet beautiful?


Dotty looks a lot like our Lottie, but not the same breed according to what our breeder told us.


I can't believe how much time I am spending reading threads. I'm not getting anything done. I'm going to have withdrawal symptons when I return to work in September. I'm starting a teaching degree course as well (at the ripe old age of 42!!!) and really won't be able to afford to spend so much time on here! Shame. I may need to limit myself to half an hour a day.

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