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beach chick

who's worse: Sarah Kennedy or Aled Jones??

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I used to think that SK could not be more irritating... but now they have ALED JONES on in the early mornings on R2 - and I'd quite like to kill him very slo-o-wly too.

and don't get me started on Davina McCall instead of Ken Bruce.

it's like being in some kind of terrible parallel univrerse!!!

other R2ers, what do you think?

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Oh SK is definately the lesser of 2 evils. I also can't stand Davina McColl.


Finally when Wogan is away I switch off, the only person who I like standing in for him is Jonathan Ross


Oh and with Jonathan Ross away I can't stand Mark Lamarr and the mouthy woman.

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I quite like Aled - SK just winds me up because she never quite finishes her...now I know what I saw in the...oh yes I remember now....Grr!


I cannot stand Davina - way too familiar, although I did have to laugh the other day when Lynn Bowles admitted to doing a 'random act of kindness' and Davina got all excited and said 'let me give you a hug' and Lynn muttered 'No thank you' as she obviously (from the sounds on the radio) tried to beat a hasty retreat!


Not quite sure why Mark Lamarr does the strange double act with Jo Brand when Jonathan Ross is away? Maybe he's just too scared to be in the studio on his own and he doesn't have any real friends who'll go with him!

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Aled Jones should just stick to singing snowmen! I just can't stand him - he's all arrogant and gives me the creeps! (shudders).

Sarah Kennedy - well I only really remember her from Game for a laugh years ago. She was a bit annoying after that.

Davina just thinks she is soooooo 'it' & basically she needs to face up to her age. She's no spring chicken anymore!


Ugh ! Aled - yuk!



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Sarah Kennedy is by far the worst and that is not to say that I like Aled 'Walking in the Air' Jones. I think they should try walking in the air hand in hand off a very short pier, and if they can persuade Davina to Conga off with them that would be a result!


The way SK plays a record for five seconds and then fades it simply cos she can't stop talking about nothing, really annoys me. :twisted: she just can't resist the sound of her own voice.


I think the way she says OORfful with a capital OOR is well............ awful. :twisted:


I whoop with delight every time she has trouble with her 'chestickles' and Richard Allinson takes over. And the 'Leg in a pant' thing, silly moo.


Maybe we will get Barry Scott on there next! I think he would annoy me less.


I think Jonathon Ross is the male version, he won't shut up either and the only records he will stop talking for are by David Bowie, I am a bit too young to understand why he is talented.


Note to self, 'must calm down, must calm down, take the medication'


*removes the scope from the high powered rifle*


I think I'm ok now :wink:



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Wasn't Sarah K ...erm... tired and emotional on air the other week?


Him Indoors was watching racing a couple of weeks ago and he reckoned that you would have been forgiven for thinking that she was under the affluence of incohol.


It was embarrassing apparently.


Time for her P45 to be dusted off. Can't stand the woman.


She needs to ditch the tragic 1970's hair style too.....that in itself should be a sackable offence.


I'm a Radio 4 person myself. :D

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only got two mins before work but give me Stuart Maconie any day! He could do every show as far as I am concerned. I am in the car a lot tootling btwn estates and so have R2 on a lot. Well all the time actually. Can't stand Davinna umm err (or rather that is what she is constantly doing). Chris Evans seems to have lost the plot slightly again - although he had grown on me (initally I refused to listen out of principle) and if they play that @!**&!!! Amy Winehouse song one more time (i did like her album until their over play)

and now am late for work so will have to come back to this topic later!


PS did you hear the buddhist monk singing along to a track on TW's show last week - it was so funny. I love listening to his slot (the BM that is)

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omigod Dan, that last diatribe made me laugh out loud!!


I also love the Buddhist monk... and Terry Wogan, and Jonathan Ross. cant be doing with Mark Lamarr, but I do quite like Jo Brand.

back to SK - what's with the show tunes thing anyway??? why cant she just play a proper record? and do I care about her Best Beloved -NO NO NO NO NO!

and as for the Dawn Patrollers - blerk.


Chris Evans - so not funny anymore, anyone else remember the show he did on GLR many years ago on a Sat morning? he's never moved on from that basically.

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I bet Steve Wright goes into coffee shops and says; "Can I get a coffee?" I hate people who say "Can I get?" AGGGHHHHHHH :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil:"Can I get?" should be punishable by death. Someone in the pub the other night said can I get a whatever and I nearly screamed. If I was the barmen I would say; "I dunno mate - not sure if you could reach from there..."


"Can I get?" Oh, people who say that are so cosmopolitan and well-travelled... They've been to Disney World Florida and Universal Studios... :roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:


I'm with you 100% Dan.


I also detest people who say "I'm good" when an enquiry is made about their wellbeing. That too should be a hanging offence....preceded by nails being hammered into eyeballs and toenails being pulled out with pliers.


The question is not about their behaviour! Arrrrgh.

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Aled Jones is really messing up my drive into work every day.:evil:



Sarah Kennedy being away is really messing up my drive into work too...


Try Radio 4 Daniel! :lol:


I'm not so sure about R4 nowadays either tho.


We were listening the other morning to John Humphries and he was conducting the interview about the child that drowned in the lake when two community support officers didn't rush in to try and save the child.

It was all a bit tabloid the way the interview went and didn't raise some (IMO) important questions such as "How was it the CSO job to jump in to the lake? - Aren't the parents everso slighty responsible for their children? Were they playing unsupervised near water?"


It's tragic what happened but I was really annoyed that the whole focus was on these two CSO being used as scapegoats - ie It's always someone else's fault.


Sometimes accidents happen and we shouldn't always be too keen to push blame in some direction.


Back to R2 tho, and I miss SK in the mornings, and Terry - at least he's back on Monday :D




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