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!WOOHOO!! Summer's arrived in Surrey!!

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AT LAST!!! About bloomin' time too, it's sunny, it's hot, my chooks are lazing around sunbathing, I've scrubbed, washed and put the Eglu back together as it dried SO quickly. :D:D

For the first time in months it seems, it's really hot. Guess what? I go back to work this evening!! How typical is that? :evil: Working tomorrow too but off on Monday then one more day at work then we're off camping again. Long may the sun continue!!!


Mrs Bertie

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It's been a funny old week here, heating on on Tuesday evening :shock: then lovely warm sun on Wednesday onwards


I hope the sun shines on your camping trip Mrs Bertie, have a lovely time :D

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just back from 5 glorious days on a campsite near Glastonbury tor. Absolutely divine....lovely quiet site and we were pitched in a apple orchard, small onsite shop selling local produce (and wine!! :D ) and they had chickens/sheep/cows on the site.


Beautiful weather and we had a bbq every night watching the sun go down. Back home now - but have holiday the rest of the week and high pressure here in Devon :dance:

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How lovely Chelsea, we're off camping tomorrow but only for three nights as we have two parties one Saturday and one Sunday. We're going to Weymouth so we're hoping for warm weather altho it's been a bit cloudy here. Oh well, just have to go for that liquid internal central heating!! :lol:

We always seem to end up on quite commercialised sites as with little kids we always want good showeres / toilets. One day we'll shift them off to Nanny's and we'll be able to go camping how I like it - field, sunset, nothing else!!


Mrs B

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I think you'll be ok weather wise Mrs B, i checked out the met office website and they give nice weather until at least the 8th sept, so at least you'll be dry. :)


I'd recommend a wooly jumper or something for late evening though, even though it is supposed to be summer - we dont have those warm, balmy summer nights anymore. :(


have fun!

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