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Deficient Hamster Cage - Ramp Required

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We bought a Rosewood Pico cage for Hades the Hesitant back in July. It was reduced and had loads of extras - bedding, food etc - probably to hide the fact that it's horrible! Darn near impossible to clean out properly without taking the whole thing to bits and then reassembling - which is a horribly complicated job and just not possible to do every week.

I found another cage on local Gumtree and OH collected this afternoon. It will be MUCH easier to clean out and keep properly hygenic BUT we discovered on getting it home that it is missing a ramp! I've since trawled E Bay, Amazon, Pets at Home, several sites that come up on Google search and even the Savic website but cannot find any spare ramps! On the offchance, does anyone know of anywhere (possibly small, independant pet shops) that might sell spares? 

OH says all can be solved by a quick visit to B and Q but, given his DIY ('Destroy It Yourself') skills I am dubious. On the basis that someone might know of such a place I thought it worth the ask!!!!!!

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