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Dustbath what to use

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2 hours ago, phenna_family said:

Hi, what can you put in a tub trug to make a dust bath for my chickens. 

I've been trying to find something on here but failed I'm afraid. 

Many thanks Claire

Mine have both play sand and plain but very fine dirt. Both should be kept as dry as possible though to be used as dust bath

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2 hours ago, The Dogmother said:

Dry potting compost or wood ash - the latter is very popular with my flock. I would use something heavier than the tub trug as it will just topple over when they perch on the edge.

Dry potting compost is a good one too. You could partially dig in the tub trug, to prevent toppling.

1 hour ago, grey_lady said:

Small bark chips that break down quickly on top of soil for mine

I wouldn’t add any bark chips, as like DM says, they need a dusty consistency to get the stuff between all feathers. If chickens have nothing else, they will make do, but probably not ideal.

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