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I don’t have any of those things and have kept chickens for 6 years. There have been times (literally once or twice) when I have thought I could’ve done with purple spray or wound powder, but I have never wanted Stockholm tar and can’t think I ever would. Nutri drops and small syringes are the only things I won’t be without.

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Stockholm Tar is good for sheep, and we used to use it on poultry, but there are better things now. It smells good though.

I have (bear in mind that I am often called out to look at and treat peoples' birds, and also treat my own dogs):

Purple antiseptic spray (the nettex one with the small directional nozzle)

Vet wound powder for staunching bleeds

Vet wrap


NutriDrops (resurrects anything which isn't actually 6 ft under)

Poultry tonic

Leucillin antiseptic spray (I was sent some to test and actually thing it's good)

Anti-mite spray (off-licence)

Ivernectin spot-on (also off-licence)

Latex gloves


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Arrowroot powder works for stopping major bleeds (broken nails are difficult to deal with). Sure the proper wound powder is better but our budget is limited.

Microporous tape and gauze for bandaging combined with antiseptic cream.

Syringes (no needles) of various sizes (1mL, 5mL, 20mL), usually to give water or Avipro Avian solution. We also used a 50mL one to sal*****er flush a case of fly-strike.

We bought spray on plastic skin to stop comb bleeds, which works well but the eyes have to be avoided.

Stockholm tar is really messy stuff which we now haven't needed for years since all the run sizes were increased; hens will eat a cockerels comb when bored and the cockerel will let them! Applied with a cotton bud.

Vaseline for combs in winter.

Small scissors; straight cut nail scissors are perfect. We also use a surgical scalpel but I suggest that is really a tool for vet treatment.

We use Frontline Spray for Northern Fowl Mites and Flea spray for lice; both unlicensed and so used with caution. Frontline spray has to be vet prescription in England but can be bought over the counter here.

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I forgot the Manuka Honey in the fridge. Used for prolapses and fly strike areas.

Keep your eye open for a cheap steam cleaner, which we use on our coops to give them a thorough clean without chemical residues. Particularly effective on red mite.

Worth mentioning we don't use the vets here. They are divided into pet treatment (dogs and cats) and agricultural treatment (large scale) so probably won't know how to treat a pet chicken and are far too expensive anyway.

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