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Hello All,

As you may already know, i have been debating on what type of Eglu to buy. Well after being let down by someone who said that they would sell me their Go Up, I have today spoken to a lady who is going to sell me her Omlet Classic, plus run, plus covers, jackets etc and additional moveable run fencing, and her three chickens as she needs to let them go due to her recent health problems. I had hoped to have everything ready first before I got chickens, but it looks like I will have to set up with hens in tow!! 

The hens are ex battery hens and are about 3 years old. They are laying well. I have decided to have two areas in the garden to keep the hens, a Winter area (where the ground is much better draining) and a summer area where the hens can get natural shade from the trees. I think I will buy an extension for the run as well, as i think that 2 metres would be too small for 3 hens, especially as they will only go in the garden when I am at home.


The Eglu is less than a year old, and the fencing is even newer.  I have a book  called Diseases of Free Range Poultry arriving this week. It cost less than £3, and hopefully will prepare me for any nasties (the lady has talked to me about the hens in detail, and they all sound fit and healthy at present.)

Hopefully I can collect them in a couple of weeks. The lady is also giving me grit, food and supplements etc. All for £250 which I thought was a good price.

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