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  • Omlet Staff

Hi guys,



I have finally worked out what was wrong with the club styling and as you can see it back to normal!



Basically, we have moved to a new website address, Previously it was:




It new home is:




I understand that this has broken some of the links on the site, but I can't find a way around this.


hope this helps,





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I had thought that we should arrange for a gorgeous pink Eglu and two beautiful GNRs to be delivered to her, but then I realised that it wouldl be an utter waste and probably wouldn't get a look in!


I've had it up to here today with bitter, twisted, self-centered people. It's great to get on the forum where everyone is so nice and thoughtful. :D


Trying to think sunny thoughts today

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I love the idea of the sunny, pink, fluffy thoughts, but you know there are times when only bitter & twisted will do :shock: I AM trying with the pink and fluffy, honest, but it's cold, grey, damp & miserable here, I've been stood up by 2 patients and am getting fed up, so many other things to do. Developing a cold & a gritty throat.

I did :oops: start to register with RC yesterday- username "Yuppie Egluowner" :oops::oops: , but changed my mind- didn't want to stir things up anymore, even though I was in a great mood for a stir up- hence the planned username. Might have been trouble-making really :shock:

Please send some pink & fluffy thoughts in my direction- in the hopes that they might just be infectious :):):)

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