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All Time Favourite Song/s?

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My top 11 most played tracks according to my i-pod playlist


1. Mr Big Stuff - Jean Knight ...43 plays

2. Step on - Happy Mondays ...39 plays

3. Help save the youth of America- Billy Bragg ...39 plays

4. Liberator - Spear of Destiny ...38 plays

5. Saturdays Kids - The Jam ....37 plays

6. Get over you - The Undertones ...36 plays

7. Being Boiled - Human League ...35 plays

8. A Forest - The Cure ...35 plays

9. 54-46 was my number - Toots & the Maytals ...34 plays

10. Breaking down the wall of Heartache - Dexys Midnight Runners... 34 plays

11. Atmosphere - Joy Division ..34 plays

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my claim to fame

I have exchanged a few emails with John Renbourne. :D


wow. I'm impressed. Please don't tell him I called it geriatric!



My dad did the sound stuff when he was at university and recorded John Renbourn amongst others. He still had the reel to reels but no way of playing them or getting the sound off so passed them onto me and I did some investigating. I eventually got an email from JR saying he had heard we had them and he would love to see what he could do with them. Nothing last time he emailed as hes been busy (does that mean a new album?!) but I can't wait to find out if hes had any success. BTW I didn't delete any of the emails the geek in me wouldn't allow it

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Hey - just went to my iPod most played;


Come here - Cass Fox

Fallen - Sarah McClachlan


But how did I forget John Martyn? Don't want to Know, from the Solid Air album. Danny Thompson on bass (saw him in Edinburgh with Ralph McTell in the early '70s - best bass player at the time I reckon, along with Ashley Hutchins)


There's some Clannad on there


and show of Hands - Country Life (if you haven't heard it, listen up - its all about the effects of second home ownership on our lovely little villages -


Now I am onto a rant. In my family village the pubs gone, the post office is gone, the shops gone, the life has been ripped out of the village. Its all holiday homes!


The village I live in now (about 20 miles from the village just mentioned) is 64% second homes. People come in their massive Chelsea Tractors, with a full tank of fuel, food in the back bought at Tescos (or somewhere posher), a crate of wine, in fact all the stuff they need for their week in their holiday home, bought with a city bonus earned by pushing shares or money around and not actually producing anything ...


Arrggghhh. they arrive in the summer, park all over the place, treat everything here like it's all there for their holiday convenience ........


And the houses they have, they extend and develop so much that they could never ever be owned by a local - the little cottages are knocked together to make million pound holiday pads - our youngsters can't afford to live anywhere round here.


And its not just the youngsters - teachers, nurses, pretty much anyone who wants to work around here - if you haven't already got a house here (which I am lucky to have) there is no way you can buy one now.


AAARRRGBGGHHHHHHHHHH :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil:


I'm going to have a lie down.

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My top 11 most played tracks according to my i-pod playlist


11. Atmosphere - Joy Division ..34 plays


Love will Tear us apart - Joy Division (not Paul Young) has got to be one of my all time favourite songs.


That and Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.


Shivers every time I hear them.

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Aqualung- Strange and Beautiful

My Chemical Romance- Teenagers

Muse- Map Of your head

Counting Crows- Colourblind

The Fray- How to save a life

Muse- Plug in Baby

Green Day- Basket Case

3 Doors Down- When I'm gone

Blur- Coffee and TV

Pink Floyd- Comfortably numb

The Polyphonic Spree- It's The Sun

R.E.M- Losing My religion

Ray LaMontagne- Trouble

Ray LaMontagne- Crazy


And i could go on..... :lol::lol::lol:

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I have been thinking about this all day!! Here is my list.


The Stranglers - Strange Little Girl

The Cult - She sells sanctuary

The Clash - Tommy gun

Siouxsie - Dear Prudence

New Model Army - Poison Street

Rosetta Stone - Adrenaline

Fields of the Nephilim - Moonchild

Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love

Squeeze - Up the Junction

The Specials - Ghost Town

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