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Emerald Chicken Breed

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Does anyone know anything about this breed? It is new I understand,  my supplier has just got some in and I’m considering purchasing one in my new collection 🤣🤣. They lay green eggs, I am interested in their breeding lines and life span. I’ve just emailed my supplier who has only just started stocking them. I  thought you knowledgeable lot will probably know. Thank you!

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31 minutes ago, Cat tails said:

Never heard of them, but might be compared to the Blue Angels or whatever that Leghorn mix was named? @dogmother had them I think.

Yeah, there are various Araucana mixes - the ones I had were Araucana x white leghorn. I think the Emerald may just be another Easter Egger as they are called, I also know them as a Jasmine.

You'd be advised to check the colour of the earlobes as they don't 100% lay green eggs; I had one which laid big pale turquoise eggs, the other big white eggs.

Anything with Araucana in it will be completely bats until it comes in to lay, so keep their wings clipped, and keep them in the run until they lay. Mine had the longest ever introduction in separate housing, but then they were a combination of 2 very flighty breeds.

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Fingers crossed for you, Lewis. My supplier has described the eggs as being blue and I do really like blue eggs so fingers crossed. My skyline laid blue eggs and the yolks of her eggs in particular tasted divine!! Absolutely gorgeously rich! Yum!

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