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Very quick and sudden death

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Hi all. My first post and it's not on a very nice subject. 


We are new to owning chickens and have had our little flock of 4 for 2 weeks. They have been going out in the garden for the past week. We only let them out when there are adults to supervise as I'm terrified of them being attacked by foxes. We're also trying to stop them eating everything in the allotment whilst we finish putting the netting up. 


They were having a peck around when suddenly one of the chicken started flapping and clucking. Then it rolled over onto it's back and was clearly dead. As soon as the other chicken saw it they tried to attack her. 


Does anyone have any idea what happened? She had been fine all day, had laid earlier in the morning and there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary with her. 


The kids were playing in the garden when it happened and are now heartbroken. As am I. 


I feel like I've lost all my confidence and I'm questioning everything we've done as we've lost one so early on in our chicken keeping time.   


Is it just one of those things or could it be something she ate in the garden? 



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I hope you have sorted it out by now. We have some issues with first posts of new members.

Sorry to hear about your hen! I’ve had the same happen some weeks ago. Some hens just have weak hearts and can literally be spooked to death. Hope your other hens are well and happy!

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