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Feeding Tuna to the hens

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I have just given my girls a can of Tuna in springwater, which they loved.

I heard here that its good for a bit of a protein boost when they are trying to grow feathers back 8)


BUT, my Dad has just told me that if you feed tuna to hens the eggs will taste of fish :?


Is that so,or is he just winding me up (always possible :roll: )

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When Babs was ill, i fed her lots and lots of tuna.


The others muscled in and their eggs tasted delish as always, no hint of fish.


My vet also told me that dried mealworms contain practically no protein whatsoever, just fibre! They still get them as a treat though! :wink:


Live mealworms are the best, but can't face them in my fridge!

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I know what you mean about the mealworms Christian....the dried ones just seem like empty husks to me. :?


Thats what the vet said Egluntine! No nutritional benefit whatsoever, but they like them :roll:


She had never heard of feeding hens tuna, but did recommend cat food.


Oh good. :lol:


Cat food 36p a tin.


Dried meal worms £3.99 a tub containing a couple of cupsful.


They might like them but at that price...no chance......especially if there is no nutritional value!

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