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what are you lot on about - I never mentioned tuna. and I hate the stuff (I remember it from before I was a veggie, and that's many many years ago). I'd rather eat feathers.


And, apparently, some of the tuna fisheries are being badly overfished and are in danger of collapse.


But I still don't understand why tuna came into this. My girls don't eat tuna and I don't eat tuna. Its feathers I was asking about.


mutter mutter mutter ....


tuna ... feathers ... tuna .... feathers - don't even sound similar.


I've been up and asked them and they have voted 8 to 0 for feathers. they don't even want to know about tuna.


tuna smnuna.

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Richard - I mentioned tuna as it's the widely accepted protein rich food source to give chickens :lol::lol:


dont get cross just cos you dont like it - I couldnt think of anything else full of protein :wink:


(and I'd still prefer it to feathers even if I didn't like it - so ner!! :lol:


Sorry - I'm not getting cross at all - just me going off on one. I didn't realise you give it to chickens; I've never given any to my girls so they are obviously deprived.


But they said they didn't fancy it anyway! :wink:


I don't like the sound of them going for the blood at the base of the feather - ugh. :shock: I'm sure my girls are far too nice for that! :wink:


I'm going off for my lunch, which most definately won't be tuna - a tuna day keeps Richard away.


Reminds me of the Sky track - tuba smarties :lol:


That's Sky the John Williams band, not sky the female singer with - can't remember but it will come to me soon.

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Anyway mr grumpy have you given the chickens the choice between feathers and tuna a small preference test :?


You might be surprised by the results :lol:


*Runs ducking from large heavy object chucked by Richard*


Yep - I had a pile of feathers on one side and a tin of tuna on the other. And before you ask, I did give them a tinopener (I'm not that stupid to think that they could get into the tin without some help).


I went back an hour later and the feathers had all gone and the tin was unopened.


Quad erat demonstrandum or words to that effect.


feathers; 1 ....................... tuna; minus 5000000000000000000000000000000000

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i'm with richard on this one! it's just weird to give things that swim to chickens! the only animals our chickens eat are the ones they catch themselves!


Yep - mine are the same. Well, nearly. I do have to admit to having sneaked the odd snail into the run that I have caught on my vegetables, so that Georgie can have a snack!

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