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Nose issues...

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Hi everyone, my banty marans is having a bit of a nasal problem, it doesn’t look very nice at all, almost as if it’s blocked up and really swollen. She’s okay otherwise, eating well, laying well, interacting with my other 3 as usual... My local vets is only taking emergency cases at the moment so I’m at a bit of a loss and any advice would be greatly appreciated!






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Aww, poor thing xx

Not sure what to suggest apart from bathing the area in some warm water. I would say with some Tea Tree oil or maybe some Iodine in it to soothe but that is my own opinion.

Hopefully someone else will be able to suggest something for her.

If not, I guess the vet is the best option as I imagine her nose area could be quite painful.

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Thanks for replying, I have tried bathing it a couple of times just with warm water, she seemed to quite enjoy it actually (she’s a very cuddly chicken, my little girl has done a remarkable job of taming her!) so I’ll try with tea tree too, at least that will help with any infection etc too 🤷‍♀️

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Hard to tell from photos, but it does look like an infection - I would be concerned that it codul extend into the sinus cavity,. That side of her head looks like it might be a bit swollen. I would recommend contacting a chicken-savvy vet, perhaps send them the pics if they aren't doing physical appointments, and see if they think it needs antibiotics.

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21 hours ago, heth1986 said:

Our appointment got cancelled for an emergency case ☹️ Going to have to wait until next week so just keeping fingers crossed for now x

That's quite unfair I think.

I'm sure they could have squeezed her in for a little appointment.

Fingers crossed she makes an improvement on her own.

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