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Harvesting Pumpkins

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Hi Liz


Cut away some of the leaves so that the sun can get to the pumpkin and ripen it. Raise it off the ground slightly too, to discourage rot. When you tap it, it should sound hollow. Then cut it off the plant, leaving quite a long stem as pumpkins normally rot from the stem downwards.


Try and bring them in before the first frosts, which don't seem that far away :shock:

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How orange are they, if they have started to turn and sound quite hollow you may be ok but they may not keep so well. Leave good stalk length and store them off the ground somewhere cool and airy.


We have not harvested ours yet, will propably do them over the weekend, we have some that are a peachy colour and huge which we grew from seed collected 2 yrs ago.


We store ours in baskets in our summerhouse which is in NE corner of our garden near the house and does not get any sun in the winter last year. They kept until February when we had some really cold weather and the last couple rotted but they may have been on their way anyway.


Good luck!

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