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Orange Cube on it's way..... yeah!

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We have been thinking about getting a cube now we have 13 chicks tro house and after visiting a very nice man, who goes by the name of Jaime we have placed an order!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


Due to loads of people saying about leaking cubes and the draft problem we wanted to see one for ourselves. :? :?


Last night we visited Jaime and his cube and girls (and very cute 9 wk old kitten I might add )


Well Jaime thanks, You showed the cube off to it's full potential and explained the channels for the water to flow out from etc, and I have ordered an Orange cube today.:P:P:P


Omlet have one in stock and it is coming to us delivered by Omlet who will do all the set up etc on the 26th October I can't wait!


Thanks again Jaime and everyone who has posted anything about cubes as we have reading up on them.


Yeah we get to join the cube club too! :lol::lol:


We were going to sell one of the Eglu's :cry::cry: but I have persuaded Hubby to have Ducks :dance::dance:


Ohh I need to change my signature now too!

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Congrats on ordering your cube! I've got an orange one & it it very cool! I have been very pleased with mine. I would have been interested in your eglu if you weren't having the ducks! I'd love ducks, but I'd want a little pond for them & that would attract frogs & well I'm terrified of the green amphibians. We get enough of them in our garden as it is! I do love Muscovys & little white call ducks! You're so lucky - cube & ducks as well! Woohoo!



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