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Is it better to burn paper or recycle?

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Our council is very picky about the types of paper it will take - only newspapers, magazines or office paper, no cardboard, envelopes, junk mail, brochures etc etc (ie 95% of the paper we have). So we burn it on the woodburner and at least get heat from it, rather than it going to landfill. You can use wood ash as a mulch, it's supposed to be good under trees. I'm not sure about paper ash, it would depend on what you have been burning.



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Recycling mans fewer trees have to be used though. Difficult to weigh it all up isn't it. :?


But most of the trees that are used for paper production are crop trees anyway and will be replanted.

I'd say burn, warm yourself, a tree will regrow in 30-50 years, but it will take many many more and the right climate to produce more coal, gas and oil!

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Have to admit to a little pyromania.


It all started with me burning the wrapping paper from DD's birthday presents and I got a bit carried away with junk mail and unwanted leaflets. Then I started on the kitchen notice board - well the paper on it anyway!


Then I started raiding the waste paper baskets around the house.


After this I descided that the glass on the stove was now too warm to clean therefore I may as well light it properly.


What fun - how sad am I? :lol:

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