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Mrs Frugal

Cube Emoticons for your signatures!!!

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Triumphant announcement!! James has added new Cube smileys to the Emoticon Bank on the forum for you which you can now upload to your signatures. They have much shorter codes then the ones which were created originally by Annie and Fred so you will have more characters left in your signatures to add more animals (Lesley :wink: )


You can see the full range of codes for your signatures in the FAQ section but here are the Cube smileys for those who would like to add them now. Just remember to remove the asterisk from the code and don't leave a space where it was. Also don't omit the brackets either. The asterisk is only there so I can show you the code without the picture appearing instead!


(cube red) - (*cube red)

(cube orange) - (*cube orange)

(cube green) - (*cube green)

(cube blue) - (*cube blue)

(cube pink) - (*cube pink)

(cube purple) - (*cube purple)


Thanks James and thanks to Annie and Fred for providing us with the earlier ones to keep us going :clap: .

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As you can see I've changed my sig to contain the new cube. However I'd like to thank whoever it was who sorted out my previous one (Kate? Fred? - sorry I can't remember) as I've been really proud of my signature cube and do feel rather a traitor moving over to the new one!


However, a shorter number of characters means that there's room for more chickens - somehow I don't think that will sway OH but ..... :wink:

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