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Not sure how I didn't know how broody pekins are until we got them but I am very aware now. Out of our three Minnie the frizzle is the only one behaving (which makes sense because she's an angel). Juno's been broody for probably almost two months and Artemis had a few weeks off but she's back to it now. If anyone else has pekins and knows any methods to make them be normal that would be cool. I've attached pictures of them because they're cute and I love them, even though they're really annoying.

IMG_8518 (Edited).JPG



IMG_8633 (2).JPG

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11 minutes ago, DanTheChickenMan said:

Not replying because I can help but lovely birds.  I think someone can maybe be an advocate but the cage with the wire bottom helps as the breeze keeps there egg hole cool.  Not sure of the technicalities...

I had a silkie once that went broody in January, there was snow on the ground!

We do have a dog crate we could keep them in so I might give that a proper go starting tomorrow, thank you.

Oh wow, I hope my girls don’t do that next year. That would be a nightmare!

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10 hours ago, The Dogmother said:

Have a go at this 👍

That’s very helpful, thanks! Didn’t realise I couldn’t keep them together so it’s lucky we have 2 cages. I’ll start weatherproofing and getting the crates ready today 😅

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Juno's been in broody jail for a couple of days now. She's not too happy with me but I'm hoping it'll work. I haven't sent Artemis there yet because I haven't managed to waterproof the coop and I can't fit both cages in the greenhouse (it's nice and cool in there since the weather's bad). I think tomorrow evening we'll let her out and see if she's any better. Anyone know if there's something else I should try if it doesn't work or should I just put her back for another few days?

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On 7/8/2020 at 10:44 PM, The Dogmother said:

My dad told me that it's going to be hot again next week, so watch out!

I guess that's bad news for the chickens but I'm pretty relieved because I'm sick of this miserable weather!

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