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Chooks v Dog

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I’m am considering purchasing the omelet chicken fencing for my 4 chooks to seperate them (and give them a good run) from my dog (a JRX) who shows too greater an interest in the chooks.  Does anyone have any experience in whether the Omlet fencing will keep out a small (but at times determined) dog.

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HI, I'm new to this forum but have 3 chickens and 2 JRT Jack and Ginger, they are rescued dogs, so came with some baggage, especially Jack the nervous and mischievous one.

Jacks first reaction while meeting the girls was: trembling and liking lips (which is sign of nervousness. No I’m going to eat you😉)

Jack was trained for about a week, to be around the girls. There was another week of supervision and the introduction was complete, he never touched them, I believe he actually respects their space, if anything he bothers them on occasion for a play, as he thinks if fun when they chase him.

We started Jacks introduction to a chickens after sniffing girls run and coop, with my head hen Browni, on my lap  and Jack on the lead.

20min with treats and reward every time he calmed down and he was able to sniff Browni just a inch a way, we repeated this exercise few more times during the week.

The aim of this training for us, was to make my dog understand that the girls are as important as he is and you do not touch it EVER!!!  Well, he got it.

Have faith in your pooch, he is naturally interested in them but he will learn fast when the boundary is if you guide him.

Oh... I have one rule if everyone is free ranging in the garden. The chickens are alway right 😉 so Jack in send away if there is any commotion.

Hope that can help.




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It does depend on the dog. My mums old Jack Russell wouldn’t harm her chickens at all even if they got out or she got in. Her current dog - a Jack Russell / Border Terrier cross and trained ratter (Buffy the Rat Slayer) has nearly killed one in the past and it’s only the electric fence that prevents her from actually doing it!

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