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Going on hols - can I leave the eglu door open?

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Our chicken sitter has had to cancel so I'm trying to arrange for a few different friends/kids of friends to come & feed/water my girls for 8/9 days.


Is it safe to leave the eglu door propped open with sticks wide enough for them to come & go so the sitters only have to come once a day? I've read both views on here - ie "always shut the door" and "it's OK to leave it open 365 days".


I'm planning on laying slabs round all the edges of the run so that should be fox proof.


Opinions/advice gratefully received :? .

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Hi, I've left my door open when on holiday as we didn't feel we could ask friends to come over early morning to open it, late night to close it and at some point in the day to feed/water them!!

ours were fine and since then we just close and odn't lock their door at night so they can push their way out early morning and they usually do that when it's pretty dark. I feel better having the door closed for the majority of the night, although it's less that I worry about foxes and more I worry about them being cold!! :D

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I leave my Eglu door open all the time, and have done since March. I only got the chooks in February so haven't been through a winter with them, and I will probably start closing it when the weather gets colder, especially as I am adopting some new chickens who are used to having their door closed. At the moment though, they get up earlier than I do.


Obviously you want to be confident that the run is as secure as possible, no risk of tunnelling or digging under, but your chickens will be fine as far as weather conditions are concerned - they will snuggle up and keep each other warm with their in-built duvets!

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I leave my door open except in the coldest of weather.


I also have the Eglu's on slabs and weighed down with boulders.


So far so good.....touch wood etc.


Get the man in your life to "water" the grass around the Eglu.....it has fox deterrent qualities, or use some "Get Off My Garden" granules which smell strongly of citronella and puts foxes off. £4.99 from B&Q last time I looked.


I/m sure they will be fine. Enjoy your hols.

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I always leave my eglu door open as they seem to prefer it, but I have a path of slabs all round the skirt of the run which makes fox digging just about impossible. I also cover the top of the run with a clear shower curtain with the sides clipped up until it gets really cold. I'm sure your girls will be fine - have a good holiday!

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