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Where is all the rain coming from?

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The rain stopped so I went out to see the soggy chooks, needless to say they haven't laid anything can't blame them really although it is dry in the nest box. Changed the poo tray paper and guess what is started raining again. :(


Now have logs and lit fire the world is a better place :)

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We have had a lovely day. In fact it has been nice, sunny and quite warm for a few days. Saturday was a bit drizzley (is that a word) but brightened up. Early in the morning it is a bit chilly but not bad for October.


In fact we could do with a bit of rain, the garden is looking quite dry and my pots need watering.

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it was ok here untill about 10ish,

today was the day the builders took our old conservatory down and by 9am it was down (with the help of a digger) and being cleared away. then they started gunning up the concrete base and the heavens opened. hubbie (the boss) sent them off to do some other work as it did get very muddy. i did rescue some paving slabs to redo the run floor for the winter. i did get really soaked reorganising the run but the chooks are happy even though they decided not to freerange today (i wonder why??)and got in my way whilst i tried to lay slabs. i turned up at nursery to collect my little boy looking like a drowned rat. i did get some funny looks at it is a fairly posh independent school, you know the type where some of the mums drive brand new landrovers and look immaculate in designer clothes. they are really nice there though including the mums and my little boy loves it.

the chooks went to bed at 5.30pm so it must be bad.

it rained until about an hour ago.

fingers crossed it will be better tomorrow as they have to re-route a drain and start holes for foundations.

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It poured with rain here yesterday, and despite promises for warmth and sunshine for the rest of the week, starting today, this morning see us with fog so thick, we can't see the fence on the other side of the road. :roll::roll:

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