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dare I say it......Christmas cake

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Delia's Christmas cake I have tried various cakes over the years and have always come back to this one. It's really dark and citrusy (sp?). Proper Christmas cake not just fruit cake.


I do agree with the earlier comment about doctoring it with brandy, we usually feed it a few times.


We usually start wating our cake on Christmas eve because everyone is too full on the big day, and the brandy helps the children sleep that night :lol:

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My Hubby made the creole one about three years ago, it was too boozy for me, I like to drink my booze and eat my fruit cake :D


I will probably make both this year because Christmas cake doesn't last long around here. A few months back I bought Sundora whole candied peel that was reduced to clear in Tesco. It is dated Jan 08 and they were selling it for 1p ( yes that really does say 1p ) needless to say I bought ten packs spending a whole 10p in total. It has been used in bread and butter pudding, rock buns, fruit cake etc and I still have plenty left for Christmas. It is so much nicer than the little ready cut bits you get in tubs.

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Am I too late to make a Xmas cake now?

Or does someone have a quick fix recipe up their sleeve?





I hope not! my daughter has been chosen for a cookery club at school, and they are making Christmas cake next week :D She's going to use gluten free flour so I can eat it, I hope it works :?


karen x

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I am trying a new recipie this year. I am on a cake decorating course and thought I'd try the teachers,


Just get any old fruit cake recipe - soak you fruit in Brandy or sherry overnight (a good slosh or two)

then bake and as we are getting close to xmas I would pour a cap full or two more of the chosen spirit in twice a week for 3-4 weeks then decorate.


(OMG you now all know I am a xmas cake alcoholic :oops::oops::oops::oops: )


If you are T total don;t come to mine for xmas cake!

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