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Martin B

About bloomin' time

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I got post today as well, no idea what time it arrived as I was at work but it's usually around 10am. I actually recieved a phone bill, an unsolicited "would you like a loan" letter, and an invitation to Boots' forthcoming Christmas shopping evening. What a waste of trees :shock: . They all got shredded pronto :shock:

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Our post was resumed yesterday and most of it was junk mail


Today brought lots more goodies :D


Our posty is a great chap, lives in our street and knows that we're out all day (he see's Joe when he gets his prescriptions :wink: ) so he signs for things and leaves them in the porch for us which no-one can see is there - such a great help as it's hard to know if I'll ever be in on time to collect from the sorting office.


Yesterday I saw a postie in Cheltenham with the bags all over the bike (panniers sp?) bulging with mail - bet his legs hurt after pedalling that round yesterday! :lol:




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We've now go wild cat strikes in the area in which I work, I'm getting mail at home but only internal post at work. That's a huge problem for our patients who rely on getting their repeat prescriptions posted to them or those who have had treatments or investigations in hospitals outside the range of our internal system.


I do support the postal workers, but making innocent, uninvolved businesses and individuals suffer is surely going to ultimately work against them :? . People will find a way around, using fax, email or alternative delivery companies and may well choose to stick with the alternative instead of returning to the post.

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