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Sir Tom

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I don't normally get emotional about things on the news (Aspie through and through) but have cried and cried this afternoon for that wonderful old gentleman Captain Sir Tom Moore. Yes, he was 100, yes, he had Covid but it seems so awful that he, who was such an amazing ray of sunshine during the first lockdown, has succumbed. It was brilliant to watch the amount that he was raising just go up and up; he was so modest too. What a wonderful legacy he has left...words fail me.

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I know what you mean Soapdragon, I feel a bit weepy too.  I think few people are truly heroic, but he represented a hero to the whole nation, and wider than that of course.  Given our recent political history that was no mean feat.  He was so humble as well, which seems a miraculous combination, as well as being cheerful and optimistic.   Maybe because we are still all going through such a really really tough time, we miss all those qualities in one amazing human being, as another light has gone out.  RIP Capt Sir Tom.

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He and his era have seen and been through so much in their lives and what wonders they have seen from wars to air travel,  men on the moon, space stations and now the dreaded Covid.   He has had a wonderful life - did not deserve to die of the virus and he really really did leave us quite a legacy. May he rest in peace.

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