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Walk In Run Perches

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Hey guys,
I’m in the process of building our new walk in run and need perch ideas.

Previously I used homemade with IKEA brackets which have worked really well for 10+ years and half my flock sleep outside in the run on them.

The Omlet perches are quite pricey and round so not ideal for their feet, especially in super cold weather.

So, I’d love to see photos of your WIR perches please!

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I keep forgetting too. Mine are all far less pretty than those. I have bits of batten and other bits of timer that are batten sized and a bit bigger. I’ve sanded them starting with really co**se sandpaper so totally taking off the corners and then finer to get rid of any splinters. They also have an old bench and a big tyre. They use all the perches but I think the tyre (which has a big trug tub dust bath in) is their favourite.

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