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Fewer eggs

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Hello knowledgeable people in my computer,

I have four lovely hens that I had last July as POL. They have been brilliant and they have laid throughout winter, usually laying 3 or 4 eggs daily. However, in the past two weeks, their egg laying has decreased to one or if I'm lucky, two eggs per day. Their routine hasn't changed and neither have their layers pellets. The only change is that they now have access to a larger piece of ground with a range of grasses and weeds etc.

I did think that they could be beginning the moult, but there has been no feather loss. 

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? 

Many thanks,


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We had exactly the same drop in egg laying when we let ours out onto a larger grass area, but we were expecting it and don't mind as we were getting too many eggs. i think it is because their overall diet balance changes and they no longer get enough protein to lay every day; they eat fewer pellets and fill up with grass. To minimise the effect we let them out after they have eaten pellets in the morning. But you may have noticed that the yolks are a richer yellow and they taste better? The hens will also be happier and therefore healthier.

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Haha! I remember this day last year, I was in lockdown with my sister who lives in Norwich.It was her birthday and this year I’m here again helping her celebrate her 80th birthday today.   And as I said it’s freezing!  

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