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I thought that those of us who are interested could use this topic to discuss our weight problems without boring the others.


Personally, I'm not interested in Diets or the Diet Industry but just becoming healthier and losing weight in a healthy way. The GI Index does interest me though as it makes a lot of sense and I did lose some weight earlier using the guidlines - it works for me.


I'm not starting just yet as I still have some 'high days and holidays' to get out of the way, but if anyone has any advice or wants to rant, moan or even look for inspiration here, then all comments are welcome.


Denise mentioned a CD she has which sounds interesting so I hope she will tell us more and I know Buffie has to deal with eating issues as her job and has made valid points on another thread.

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We lost weight gradually and slowly by cutting out fat, cakes, bread, and potatoes - or at least limiting any bread and pots we ate to a 6oz jacket. Now we hover by a few pounds above out preferred weight or get down to it and creep up now and again.


We weigh ourselves most days, so that if we have put on a couple of pounds then we know to have a day without potatoes or ease up a bit. (These are not recommendations for anyone else to do, just what we have got into a routine of doing) (I lost 4st)


I have grown all my own vegetables and have some frozen summer fruits and I bake my own bread, and get chickens from a friend which I freeze. So I benefit by not going to the shops much so am not tempted. Having said that, we eat what we like when we go out for a meal or have visitors and of course the Christmas binge - so I haven't weighed myself and don't intend to until all the Christmas pud and sausage rolls have been eaten.


Just polished off the last of the mince pies with the last of the thick cream.


One of the most important things that we have found that works for us, is to eat our main meal at lunchtime, our tea before 6.30pm and we have 4 squares of G&B's plain chocolate at 7pm at night - and that seems to keep the weight fairly stable.


Eat lots of healthy veggies to fill up on. Eat no more than 4oz meat whilst you are trying to lose those pounds, and drink lots of water. Works for us.


I will now make a note of my weight on Jan 1st when the official celebrations are finished in our home, and keep tabs on what I eat. I don't usually, but it might be a useful exercise for me. (Not to put it on here to bore you all to tears with though!)


Good topic Lesley. We can look and read and learn and be 'invisible' doing so. Great - I like that.

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Just popping this here to save the hardworking admin from having to move it!


Have a great sheet I use with clients, so if you want it just PM me with your email address and I'll forward it.




As the body on a strict diet is trying to conserve energy it slows down its consumption of energy (metabolic rate). Dieter’s find that the more weight they lose the harder it becomes to continue to lose weight. The cells are burning energy whilst the brain is giving orders to store.


Very useful to explain what happens mentally and physically. Also explains the importance of eating enough and a variety of foods. Often people restrict food groups (carbs being the most feared yet the most vital) and the calorific values so the body predicts a famine, it will then store fat. I've used a non diet approach myself and it worked wonders after years of calorie counting and restriction and then over eating. You have to let your body get used to regular food intake, breakfast is a must and be patient. How often do we panic, cut out food and then feel we can't sustain it.


Diet is purely the food we eat every day.




BBx :D

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Same problem here Trish :roll: - I just aspire to keep my bosoms projecting more than my stomach :wink:


Thanks for re-posting that info Jayne - I was just coming to move it over! :D


Breakfast? -yes :? erm..... just about to have mine :roll: Had to make a quick trip to Tesco ( :twisted: ) The girls got their breakfast, we just forgot :roll:

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My weight is spiralling out of control at the moment, so I've made an appointment to see a hypno-therapist at the weekend. I've tried everything else, so I've had this recommended by a friend who tried it successfully.



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I just aspire to keep my bosoms projecting more than my stomach :wink:


I like that Lesley - perhaps I'd better get ny gel bra out to boost the bosoms then :D:wink:


The old spare tyre is getting bigger and the jeans are getting tighter. I just need to get off my bottom and exercise more (not easy in this weather) and cut out the rubbish! I love breakfast and have porridge in the cold weather, or Special K with fresh berries on top. I can't get going without my breakfast. :oops:

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I have a real problem with Breakfast.

I KNOW its important & I KNOW I should eat it, but I just cannot get my head around eating anything until 11 am.

And then it is something bad....a quick fix to make up for brekkie!


So, I am resolving to have Brekkie every day & a Yakult too as my digestion is terrible.


Lesley, I had to have the bath full to the brim today to cover the old tum....but the boobs were well under water :?

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:P This might sound really odd, Sarah, but I've been thinking about you all day, since reading your post yesterday. I just have a feeling that this could be such an opportunity for you, to make this the year that you tackle a few things that are clearly bothering you.

Turning 40 next year can be a positive experience, not just something to dread. 2006 is going to be your year, when things are going to go well for you and you'll feel better for it. 8)

Just one step at a time though, and you've already addressed the first thing! :P A good healthy breakfast first thing! If necessary , have it in 2 stages...a little fruit or whatever you can face when the family are rushing, and a bowl of porridge or muesli when you've seen them off to school. How about a walk in between the two? :roll:

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you've a roomful of friends here, with you all the way, and you are going to love 2006! :D

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Thanks Sheila :P:P:P


I am determined not to be Fair Fat & Forty come august next year.


I know there is nothing I can do about being Forty, but the highlights are being grown out & I am going auburn instead, & I will hopeully have my weight more under control byt then too :D


Breakfast will be easier once the girls are back at School.

We are all so relaxed & sleeping in so late at the moment that it often gets overlooked in favour of "Brunchfast"


Thanks for you post - it was realy sweet :D

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I've been reading this with interest. A few years ago I got decidedly tubby, and hit the point where I was feeling uncomfortable in my clothes... and even more uncomfortable without clothes :shock: . I hit the point where I felt that I needed to tackle it, and I simply started excercising more, I introduced breakfast in my daily routine (years of shift working as a nurse and a midwife meant that I got into the habit of skipping breakfast- who wants breakfast when you're getting up at the crack of dawn to be on duty at 7am, or worse, coming home completely exhausted after a night duty), and cut out the snacking, munching crisps whilst sitting on the sofa watching TV in the evenings. It was a lifestyle thing. I stopped the snacking by stopping TV viewing- these days I only watch things that interest me- I don't switch on and sit automatically- I do something else (the forum plays a big part here :roll: ), but I read, embroider, telephone friends, bake or do housework instead; gardening too in the summer months :D

I also started thinking of food as fuel, I ate what I needed, but if I genuinely wasn't hungry I didn't eat. I also drank water- I think that sometimes I felt thirsty and confused it with hunger. Over 12 months I lost almost 3 stone, and got down to a size 10 simply with those changes.

I've crept up to a 12 now, but feel happier as a comfortable 12, although over Christmas I have put on weight, my clothes feel tighter and so I fully intend to get back to my sensible eating once all the festivities are over. I hate feeling fat :evil:

Good luck to all of you tackling weight issues this year, but please DON'T diet- eat sensibly and exercise more- whatever takes your fancy; it's not all about slogging away in the gym you know, instead and it'll come off in a healthy way. :D:D:D

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Well - I'm going to join you all. My Dad has successfully lost weight using the GI index so I shall give that one a go + more exercise of course.


Here's to us all doing it our own way - although I am going to take Buffie up on the fact sheet offer.


Thanks - it's nice to know there are other SENSIBLE people out there doing the same thing (chicken fanciers - sensible :?: ) :lol:

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Kate - well done you. I think I aspire to be you (am starting off by watching less telly and getting on the forum instead!).


To Sarah - don't worry! I hit 40 this year - and it did not feel good - but am settling into it 6 months on - and I think that by the time I get to 41 I should be fitter and slimmer and happier (the hens have helped of course!).


I had planned to lose nearly 2 stone (I'm only 5ft 2 and weight tends to creep on - though still a size 14 - so not too disastrous yet) before my birthday. Didn't happen - but will do by the time I'm 41!!


BTW, the GI Diet really is a good one. My husband and I (sounds very regal!) have been on this diet (though clearly still eating too much!) for a couple of years now since he was diagnosed type 2 diabetic. It really is the only diet if you are diabetic. We hardly touch potatoes (except new ones from time to time) or bread now (except pitta with houmous) now - and are fine without it.


Christmas of course is another thing! Pudding and cream, mince pies and nuts... It's ok though - we've nearly eaten them all now :wink:


I did join a gym shortly before Christmas - so that should really help.


Good luck to us all I say!



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I agree about moving more KateA but my problems have arisen because I haven't been able to excercise since I hurt my knee. I had to learn to walk again and mobility has been slow to return. I still can't kneel, crouch down or go up and down stairs very well. I cannot return to Pilates which i loved but can go back to swimming.


Being immobile, I got into the habit of using Carl as a 'gopher' - I've tried to stop doing this since the end of summer :? . I did manage to do more gardening this year by carting a ***** plastic stool around with me ( :twisted: ) I have some excercise equipment which is set up in the converted garage and we have also set up a TV in there because it is the only thing that will keep me in there! I have one of those air walker/ski machine things which is extremely low inpact and i quite like it. I bought it while my leg was still in full plaster and it was good for loosening up my hip joints which were getting very stiff. I just need to use all these, and swimming, more.


And........... sitting here less - Eglu bum is getting worse!!


My only problem with the GI plan is POTATOES - I love potatoes, we grow potatoes and love trying different heritage varieties............. I have to get my head round it :(


It's nice to see others joining in on here 8)

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Same problem here with exercise. I started swimming before Christmas as it's the only exercise I can manage physically but icy roads, colds etc have put a stop to that at the moment. Talking to Lesley this evening, we're going to encourage each other to go swimming more regularly which might help reduce my Eglu bum (though I'd have to swim the channel three times to have that much of an effect :wink: ). It's good that there are so many of us with weight issues and this is one heck of a support group.


Here's to us and a fitter new year.

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